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St. Michael’s is a Five-S Church, meaning we are committed to being (1) scriptural, (2) sacramental, (3) spirit-filled, (4) sacrificial, and (5) salvation-focused.

These 5 S’s communicate the kind of church we are, what is important to us, and what is behind the scenes motivating us. Below is more about what we mean by these five motives.

+ Scriptural

  • The Bible is our foundation.
  • This is demonstrated by our commitment to the authority of God’s Word.
  • The Scriptures, meaning the books of the Old and New Testament, are more than literature to us. They are the words of God to us, and shape how we live our lives and interact with others and our culture.

+ Sacramental

  • Christ is really with us.
  • This is demonstrated by our centering around Holy Communion every Sunday.
  • The sacraments are physical or earthly ways that God comes to us, in particular through water (at baptism) and bread and wine (at communion). God also comes to us through many other means, including confession of sin, confirmation, marriage, ordination, and anointing for healing.

+ Spirit-Filled

  • God is living in us and leading us.
  • This is demonstrated by our openness to God’s leadership in worship.
  • God’s Holy Spirit is His very presence that lives in every Christian and exists to teach us, comfort us, and equip and empower us for service. Christians seek to both exhibit the character of Jesus (the fruit of the Spirit) and the ministry of Jesus (through the gifts of the Spirit).

+ Sacrificial

  • We invest time and resources in God’s purposes.
  • This is demonstrated by our tangible investment in missions and service to others.
  • Sacrificial living is birthed from a conviction that life is meant to be lived not just for our own happiness, but for the spiritual vitality, freedom, and joy of others. Sacrificial living is marked by patient waiting on God’s leadership, self-sacrifice, and generous forgiveness.

+ Salvation-Focused

  • Everyone needs to hear about Jesus.
  • This is demonstrated by our commitment to ground everything we do in helping as many as possible find salvation in Christ.
  • The salvation that Jesus Christ brings is freedom from the penalty of sin (forgiveness), freedom from the power of sin (growth in Christlikeness), and freedom from the fear of death (assurance of eternal life).

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