At St. Michael's, we believe that our children and youth are an important part of our community. We want them to be involved in our worship time while also having the chance to learn about and connect to God in an age-appropriate way.



On Sundays, during the Sunday School hour from 9:00-10:00, we have age-appropriate programming for all children, nursery through grade 5. All ages will be walking through the Bible this year - meeting God, encountering heroes of the faith, and learning God’s truth. The curriculum is highly interactive, including object lessons, singing, art, and more! We will also be memorizing a Bible verse each month (by song). Come join us!


During the main worship service at 10:00, we provide Nursery care for children birth to age 5 for the first half of the service. Children 6 and up are encouraged to remain with their family for the full service, and several resources are provided to help with this. All children rejoin the rest of the church family for the second part of the service where we receive Communion together. Don't worry if they're a little noisy and move around. We believe their presence with us is worth it, and we know that God put the wriggle in children!


We understand that this may represent a challenge for some families. Here are some things that may help:

  • Activity bags are available at the back of the sanctuary with crayons, themed activity sheets, and illustrated aids to help children engage in the service.

  • Helping kids navigate the bulletin, find hymns, look up scripture, etc. (children learn by doing!)

  • If you're a parent, try to find a place to sit where your child will be able to see and participate in what is going on.

  • Recognizing that some children (and adults) may make noises or act in ways that seem strange or upsetting, but are perfectly normal for their situation.

Children and the Sacraments



Baptism is the sacrament of being included, by God’s grace, in the covenant community of God’s people. We welcome infants for baptism, and regard it as a biblical practice. However, we also have families at St. Michael’s who do not hold this belief and choose not to baptize their children, which we respect.

When we baptize infants and children, we do so based on God’s promise and on the faith of their parents, which they then commit to passing on to their children. At baptism, children become part of the covenant community, where they grow in their knowledge and love of the Lord until they – one day – “complete” their baptism by expressing personal repentance and faith. At this point, Confirmation is an appropriate demonstration of how God has fulfilled what began in baptism.


Communion is the “family meal” of the covenant community by which God makes Himself available to us, so all baptized children are welcome at the table. As the primary spiritual disciplers of their children, parents decide at what age their baptized children are prepared to receive communion. If children are not baptized or are not prepared to receive communion, they are welcome to cross their arms over their chest so that the priest will know to pray a blessing over them.

We fully realize that we come from a variety of faith backgrounds where these are debated practices. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our staff if you have questions or would like to know more.




On Sundays, youth have their own class during the 9:00-10:00 hour led by our pastoral intern.

Youth also meet together every Wednesday throughout the summer and school year from 6-8pm. These meetings are led by our pastoral intern and occur at a variety of locations around Delafield and throughout Waukesha County.

Additionally, Lake Country Creative Ministries is a way to get involved putting your artistic side on display.


Many of the youth are also involved in music in different ways, although that's not a requirement!