Giving our financial resources to God is an important act of worship.

Living sacrificially is one of the Five-S values that makes us who we are and part of one of the pillars of the Know-Meet-Live rhythm of life at St. Michael’s. The act of giving is also an integral part of our weekly Liturgy.

There are several ways to give online. The best way to automate your giving to St. Michael’s is to set up an account through Breeze, our online service. This will allow you to set up recurring payments, track your online giving, receive giving statements, and more. To set up an account with Breeze, contact jill@stmichaelswi.org to receive an invitation. Once you have created an account, you can log in and set up your giving through the “Give Now” button.

Otherwise click below to make a one time gift.

You can also text “Give” to 262-883-8181. Text “Commands” to that number for a list of other options.

Please note that St. Michael’s is charged 3% of your gift if you give by credit card, and 1% of your gift for bank transfers. Please consider giving a little extra to help cover this cost.