Who is welcomed to receive Communion at St. Michael’s Anglican Church? 

All Christians of any age who have been baptized and are seeking to follow Christ are welcomed to receive the Sacrament of Communion with us, regardless of denominational affiliation or church background. If this does not describe you, you can cross your arms over your chest and the priest will know to pray a short blessing over you. Or you can remain in your seat and reflect on the service.

My spouse is a Catholic and I am from an Evangelical background. Would we both be happy in an Anglican Church?

We certainly think so. Our beliefs are Biblical, orthodox, and reflect the theology of the Protestant Reformation; at the same time, Anglicans retain many theological convictions and helpful traditions from the early Church that Roman Catholics would find familiar. And our liturgy (style of worship) contains elements from both traditions. We believe both would feel very much at home.

What does it mean that Anglicanism is “catholic”? 

In the Creeds, believers affirm the “one holy catholic and apostolic church.” Catholic means universal and refers to the worldwide body of Christ. All those who know and love Christ are members of God's eternal family, regardless of their denomination or church background. The Anglican tradition provides the venue for one form of worship of the Lord. We love it, and value the gift and breadth of Anglican liturgy and traditions. Anglican worship is a great way to connect with Christ.

What is the Liturgical Calendar that Anglicans follow? 

The Liturgical Calendar divides the year into six major seasons: Advent and Christmas (Christ’s Coming), Epiphany (Christ for the whole world), Lent (a time for reflection, repentance and grace in preparation for Easter), Easter (Christ’s resurrection from the dead), Pentecost (the coming of the Holy Spirit and the birth of Christ’s Church on earth) followed by “ordinary time” (growing together as the Body of Christ and His witnesses in the world). Learn more about the Liturgical Calendar.

What is Anglican worship like? 

Anglican worship is centered around the active participation of hearing and responding to God’s Word through singing, prayer, confession, and fellowship with Christ in Holy Communion. Worship at St. Michael’s is Biblically-based and shaped by the Book of Common Prayer and the Church Year. Here is a description of the meaning behind the components of our service (our liturgy).

Why do Anglicans use Liturgy in their worship?

Liturgy is the structure that any church uses to organize worship. Anglicans believe that a balance of traditional and informal liturgy can be helpful to facilitate worship for a variety of different people. When the liturgy stays the same despite our lives changing every day, it reminds us of God’s steadiness. It also connects us with millions of other Christians (from all over the world and throughout time) who have said the same theologically-grounded prayers to the same God.

At the same time we like to remember that Thomas Cranmer was the first to put a "power point projector” in a service by placing an English prayer book in everyone’s hands. This was revolutionary at the time! His principle was that the Gospel and worship needs to be accessible and culturally aesthetic. So we try to as well! That’s why we’re constantly singing new songs, and why the ACNA updated its entire liturgy in 2018.

Can’t someone "fake it" through liturgy and simply go through the motions?

Sure. Though you can pretty much "fake it" through any style of worship, whether formal or informal. We think that if you engage your mind and heart, and give this style of worship a chance (that is, stick around for a bit), you’ll begin to love it!

Is childcare available during your services?

A nursery is available for children birth to age 5 during the Sunday school hour (9:00-10:00) and the first half of the worship service. Please pick up your children after the offering so the whole family can participate in Communion together.

Children ages 6-12 gather together during the Christian Education hour (9:00-10:00) to learn about God and know Him more deeply through the Anglikids curriculum. They rejoin the rest of the family for the entire worship service.

But aren’t children disruptive to the worship experience?

As Jesus did, we welcome children of all ages as members of the body of Christ, and we love to have them worship with us. We all recognize that God put the wriggle in children, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. They are part of the family! For more information on children at St. Michael’s, visit our Children’s page.

If you have any other questions about St. Michael’s or Anglicanism, do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to talk more.